Is Your Administrator Indispensable?

Indispensable Administrator

Is your administrator indispensable? Is s/he a high performer? Available when you need them? An A-Player? Does s/he "get it", or do they seem to not realize there even is an "It"? If they’re not one of your vital few employees, it’s time to raise the bar. Stellar Assistants can assess your current administrative staff and help you raise the bar through training and coaching.

The tools your internal recruiters use to weed out weak candidates for positions in your company, just don't work when it comes to assessing assistants. Sure, skills are important - critical in fact. But it turns out administrative skills are easy to measure, and that the true test of a strong relationship between an exec and their administrative business partner is personality match, and it's doubtful your company's recruiters screen for that.

You can't blame your recruiting staff - after all, if you were asked to describe the scope of your assistant's job, would you honestly be able to?  Most execs tell us they don't know exactly what their assistants do, but they know they'd be lost without them.

With more than 35 combined years as career assistants, we'll meet with you to identify the strengths and traits you feel you need, then we'll present you with a list of personality and EQ strengths we suggest you add to your list.