We are a One-Stop Resource to Streamline Your Success in Work and Life.

Are your tasks distracting you from running your business? Our virtual assistants can help you with your work and personal life tasks, allowing you to focus on what's most important — your family, and growing your business and profit. We can provide you with the support, structure, and discipline to help you avoid randomness. We reduce ambiguity and keep the cycle of productivity and efficiency more continuous, fueling operational performance and keeping your actionable strategies alive.



Email Management

  • Sort, clean and prioritize your inbox
  • Answer messages in your "voice"
  • Create and deploy template for specific, reoccurring inquiries
  • Send alerts and follow ups with you on important messages
  • Create filters and rules to address non-essential messages
  • Mass Respond to high volume emails




Travel Coordination

  • Personal or business travel, optimized for your preferences
  • Highly detailed itineraries, from air travel (commercial or private) to ground transportation, meetings, restaurants, and local sites
  • Track and manage airline mile plans and unused tickets




Calendar Management

  • As much as you are comfortable with — from simply blocking time for desk work / thinking space, to setting up weekly meetings for your team, to completely "owning" your calendar as your company-branded representative
  • End-of-day dossier for tomorrow's meetings




Event Planning

  • Locate venues for team meetings, your wedding, or your anniversary
  • Manage a family reunion
  • Coordinate the annual company picnic
  • Suggest and manage team building events




Expense Reports & Finance

  • Track mileage for reimbursement
  • Help you stay on budget for your next company event
  • Create and send invoices on your behalf
  • Track and manage AR
  • Manage expense reports for you and your team




General Administrative

  • Send alerts and follow up with you on important messages
  • Format PPT presentations, or you can simply outline your slides, and we'll create the presentation for you
  • Draft correspondence
  • Edit and format a document
  • Proof your website
  • Post to your website





  • Create dossiers and collect details for your contacts and clients, ensuring you and your CRM are up to date
  • Find office space
  • Provide industry and market data
  • Scout for talent during your next growth spurt




Life Management

  • Research and purchase anything — from gifts for friends and family, delivered on time, to a new hot water heater or pool pump
  • Research and schedule any service — Need a new physical therapist, personal trainer, stylists, or home chef? 
  • Coordinate delivery of your meals
  • Keep kitchen stocked. Purchase groceries and have them delivered
  • Coordinate and schedule home services
  • Manage the family calendar
  • Find doctors and dentists in your network, and schedule appointments




Flat Rate, Flexible Plans

You pay a flat monthly rate based on anticipated hours you'll use, you can buy extra time, switch plans, or cancel any time. And there is no overhead associated with employees, such as tax, healthcare, insurance, payroll, OSHA, or sick leave pay.

Confidential and Fully Trained

No supervision required, no training required, and no need to provide workspace or equipment. Trusted for decades by the CEOs of some of the world's largest and most successful companies.