We provide support systems, strategy, project management, administrative excellence, and innovative recruiting solutions to clients who are accustomed to the best.


Business Support

Exceptional Business Support for Discerning Executives

We've worked with your peers - executives just like you - from entrepreneurs to start up organizations, to Fortune 500 and 100 leaders. We have a proven track record with C-level executives, and are known for our confidentiality, standards of excellence, tenacity, and discretion.

Ever wish you had a stunt double? Your Stellar Chief of Staff is YOUR ambassador. We're your stunt double - the next best thing to you.  We are systems thinkers with a passion for solutions. We are clock builders, not time tellers.

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As a recruiting company, we don't just fill chairs; we build relationships.

We know that sourcing the perfect candidate is rarely done online. It's done face-to-face, perhaps over coffee and via honest, in-depth conversations. Very often a smile, blush or pause in conversation says a lot more than a resume and a LinkedIn profile.

By building a relationship with you based on trust, honesty, and communication, we create a meaningful strategy and a solution that works. Our emphasis is on quality, and we'll only send you the best of the best. We are the recruiting company that partners with our clients to create custom recruiting solutions, and delivers truly STELLAR results.

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About us

Laser-Focused On Exceptional And Impeccable Delivery

Over the past eight years, Stellar has combined our recruiting expertise and administrative genius to provide clients with in house or virtual administrative resources. Stellar assesses the needs, maps out the strategy, and creates an effective plan of action to fulfill the organization or individual’s unique administrative requirements. We cover it all from recruiting a top-notch Executive Assistant to a creating a full-blown recruitment and training program of administrative support teams. 

Stellar Solutions is uniquely positioned to help our clients discover their needs, define and develop a plan of action, deliver on that plan, and develop processes that address the true executive needs.

We have a vast network of freelance administrators as well as organizations with expertise in your area of need. Through our extensive network of people and our knowledge of systems, we implement the plan and fulfill all the requirements - freeing YOU to focus on what you do best - let us handle the rest.



We’ve worked with Stellar for over 5 years, and during this time we have never been disappointed. They find candidates that truly fit with the company because they know us. We strongly recommend Stellar Solutions to anyone who needs administrative support. Stellar really rocks!
— Daniel T.

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