Job Posting Musings

I just ran across this job posting. This is the entire posting, with the identifying information redacted:

Personal Assistant

Personal assistant needed we will like you to answer the below questions :

1)How many years of work experience do you have ?
2) Do you smoke ?
3)Do you do drugs ?
4) What area are you located presently ?
5)Do you have any disability ?

Kindly submit your CV to the below email address for job verifcation and clearification

The formatting, spelling, and grammatical errors are obvious, as are the legal issues. If this is how you represent your company, what talent can you hope to attract? If you (apparently) spend just a few minutes creating your job posting, how much time will you invest in choosing the right candidate and in ensuring their success at your company? Wise candidates will leave this one alone!

One of the hottest topics in recruitment today is employer and personal branding. Our founder, Synda McCormick Reischl, has long advocated for personal branding and has spread that message through speaking engagements throughout the U.S. with her presentation, Be The CEO of You, Inc.!  Stellar can help you distinguish your company from the competition.

We take the time to learn your company and culture, your unique characteristics and quirks, and why yours is a great place to work. Then we create a job posting that communicates that message designed to attract the people who are most likely to fit into your culture. Why waste your time on candidates who aren’t interested in the brand experience your company offers? Let’s save you time you might otherwise spend on people who just won’t fit your culture. We can help ensure your job posting is well-branded in a way that will be beneficial not only to you, but to your candidates – who will appreciate your efforts.