We create a partnership by taking the time to know you and your company.

At Stellar we act as an executive assistant recruiting partner for you not only to fill your current openings, but to position your company to strategically attract future candidates. Instead of only screening candidates based on skill set, we go deeper with a persona-based hiring process. Working with fewer clients allows us to fully understand your business and which personalities will fit your unique culture.

By learning about you and integrating into your hiring process, we drastically reduce not only hiring time, but also attrition rates. Once you authorize our exclusive search, we provide you with final candidates in less than a week.  We listen to your needs to better understand your recruiting challenges, company culture, and goals. This allows us to craft the right story, for the right audience, in the right way.


Some of the results you'll see when working with us: 

  • Personalized attention.
  • Realistic, well-specified time-frames and costs.
  • A narrowed pool of well-qualified candidates, vetted by us and delivered on time.
  • Strategic job marketing and posting that attracts the right people for your brand.

Flexibility and Adaptability to client's needs

We Adapt.

Your business is constantly evolving. We're specifically built to give clients the flexibility to stay on top.


Cultivate Creative Minds

We Cultivate.

Creative minds need to grow. That's why we match the candidate's skill to rewarding and challenging careers.


We connect you to your perfect candidates

We Connect.

Everyone sources candidates; we source colleagues. We go way beyond the typical recruiter business model.